Operating Trial: May 2015

Industry experts were given the opportunity to drive the truck and gain firsthand feedback on the performance of Truck 573 (Caterpillar 789C). The overwhelming conclusion was that there was no discernable difference in engine or truck performance utilising the HDCNG® dual fuel configuration; however the reduction in vibration and noise was noteworthy.

Site Test and Demonstrations

  • Truck was run unloaded and fully-loaded
  • Picture shows truck climbing out of pit, fully loaded with 164 tonne payload
  • Real-time telemetry screenshot taken at full throttle during fully loaded run
  • Diesel displacement of 88.3% typical for full throttle operation up to 1750 rpm with peak of 90% set for trial
  • Part load substitution figures around 80%
  • Analyses of operating trucks on 5 sites indicate 82% to 85% average displacement over the drive cycle
Mine truck and telemetry screenshot

Mine Site Durability Testing

  • HDCNG® gas trains & infrastructure in place ready for connection and commissioning
  • Gas transport crate fully operational
  • Truck 473 arrived on-site 02/08/16
  • All infrastructure and truck 473 commissioned progressively during September 2016
  • Truck 473 now fully operational in circuit
  • ‘Swap and Go’ refuelling system being commissioned for durability testing at New Hope Group’s New Acland mine

Mine Truck 473 in mine with excavator
Mine Truck 473
Semi-trailer carrying HDCNG fuel pack
Mine Truck 473
Onsite gas processing & refuelling facility
Onsite gas processing & refuelling facility at night
Mine Truck 473