High Density Compressed Natural Gas (HDCNG®)

MES has developed an advanced dual fuel system utilising sequential gas injection for the conversion of high horsepower diesel engines from 100% diesel fuel operation to dual fuel operation using gas as the dominant fuel.

High Density Compressed Natural Gas (HDCNG) placement in alternative fuel graph

Intelligas HDCNG® systems shift CNG fuel density centrally into the alternate fuel mix.

  • The HDCNG® solution is a fully integrated Australian designed refuelling solution and vehicle storage system that substantially improves the state of the art in the area of heavy vehicle use of gas fuel.
  • HDCNG® has been developed by IntelliGas to be a viable alternative fuel to diesel.
  • HDCNG® overcomes the weight and space claims limitations of conventional CNG and cryogenic complexities of LNG.
  • IntelliGas has developed a number of patented technologies that provide diverse HDCNG® refuelling solutions which achieve 100% nameplate fills at 350 barg service pressure.
  • In fast filling applications, HDCNG® will deliver up to 85% more energy than a fast filled conventional 250 barg system.

Patented, Award-Winning Technology

Intelligas & SAE Gold Award Logo

Professional Award

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Category

Intelligas, HDCNG® technology developer and MES shareholder, were awarded gold at the 2015 SAE-A Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards.

Paul Whiteman accepting Gold Professional Award at the 2015 SAE-A Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards